I started tramadol after opiate addiction and wondered why they didn’t deliver that first. I also get mine from VA and my doctor thinks the brand new classification is dumb I’ve never abused this also it is great for my pain issues main point here a junkie make use of anything to get high so anything may be abused. Be aware do your homework and constantly ask questions should your unsure.

Tramadol I was on more than 7 yrs and within 30 mins of a dose missed I knew about it with flu like symptoms. Tramadol is the no1 prescribed and I try tell everyone whose wear it not take it. On 2006 my hubby who died sudden death pulmonary embolism found an american website focused on tramadol and its effects all bad. Prince was killed by fentanyl which I’m on together with Oramorph. I was on oxycodeine and oxycodone 12 hr and instant with clonazepam diazepam as well as oramorph I was taking 17x 10mg oxycodeine 12 hr mixing with oxyodone instant release caps all daily plus drinking from bottle oxyodone and oramorph daily 500ml bottle a wk.