Pain management, moderate to severe: Note: In general, opioids might be considered a possible component of a thorough, multimodal, patient-specific treatment plan for pain. Nonopioid analgesia must be maximized, if appropriate, before initiation of opioid analgesia; combination therapy with analgesics with differing mechanisms of action may improve efficacy minimizing the doses and/or frequency needed for each agent (APS 2016; Hill 2018). Tramadol doses needs to be titrated to appropriate analgesic effect; use the lowest effective dose for that shortest time period. Tramadol is utilized for any variety of moderate to moderately severe painful conditions and could possibly be of particular benefit for patients with mixed nociceptive and neuropathic pain due to the dual mechanism of action (APS 2016).

Before using, stopping using tramadol or changing tramadol for the next drug, be sure to talk to your doctor for the correct direction. Tramadol has interaction issues with other drugs, foods, and disease. Different ages and health conditions may necessitate different approaches with the medication.